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Milwaukee Tools Bring Connected Technology to Their Toolboxes

Power tools are the lifeblood of any home, and Milwaukee tools are no exception. The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation develops and manufactures various power tools. This company is a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries, which owns other notable brands, including AEG, Ryobi, Hoover, Dirt Devil, Vax, and more. While Milwaukee tools are primarily known for their power tools, the company also produces other products such as handheld tools, hand drills, and car batteries. For quality Milwaukee tools, check out at www.toolkitdepot.com.au/milwaukee-1 now. 


Milwaukee toolsMilwaukee tools with the POWERSTATE emblem are engineered to the highest standards. Brushless motors deliver maximum performance and durability while reducing noise and vibration for a more efficient tool. Brushless motor technology also helps deliver superior application performance. In addition to these benefits, POWERSTATE tools are aesthetically pleasing. They feature innovative features such as long battery life, compact design, and increased power.

REDLINK PLUS Intelligence is one of the most advanced systems of cordless tool electronics. It allows full communication between the tool and battery charger, providing optimal performance and reducing the number of recharges required. REDLITHIUM batteries improve tool life and boost productivity with advanced features such as REDLINK PLUS Intelligence. They also feature an onboard fuel gauge. They are designed to be used in tough environments and last longer than competing tools.

Interchangeable battery systems

Several Milwaukee tools feature interchangeable battery systems. Some tools are lithium-ion batteries, while others use a brushed motor. Lithium-ion batteries are better for various applications and ideal for handheld and overhead work. In addition, lithium-ion batteries are compact and lightweight, so they’re perfect for various uses. Other tools include Milwaukee’s RedLink intelligence and interchangeable battery systems. For quality Milwaukee tools, check out at www.toolkitdepot.com.au/milwaukee-1 now.

The battery system in Milwaukee tools is highly innovative. It works with M12 and M18 batteries, engineered to be highly efficient and durable. The REDLINK intelligent system protects the battery from overload and maximizes performance. This system also helps coordinate the battery with the tool, battery charger, and battery pack. It’s the ultimate solution to power problems when working with cordless tools. If you’re looking for a new battery system, consider Milwaukee’s M12 tool series.

Bluetooth connectivity

With the launch of its ONE-KEY(TM) Bluetooth(r) Tracking Tag, Milwaukee is bringing connected technology to the tools in its toolboxes. This Bluetooth tool-tracking solution is the most comprehensive tool-tracking solution in the market, backed by the largest tool-tracking network in the industry. It provides convenient digital inventory tracking and adds tools to the ONE-KEY tool management system. With a 1.9-inch-long, 1.5-inch-wide tag, the Milwaukee Bluetooth Tracking Tag easily pairs with a mobile device.

The One-Key tool tracking system from Milwaukee allows users to keep track of their tools with the touch of a button. To connect with your Milwaukee One-Key tool, go to the app and click on the overflow icon in the upper righthand corner. Next, select the tool you want to track. The list of nearby tools will populate on the app screen. Finally, you can select the tool you want to track and claim as yours.


You’re not alone if you’re wondering why some Milwaukee tools have accelerometers. Accelerometers are electromechanical computer chips that measure motion, acceleration, and vibration. They can be extremely useful for various applications, from measuring movement in games to measuring the impact of a head collision on a helmet. They’re also used to measure the speed and distance a person walks in a day.

Aside from their utility as inventory tracking systems, accelerometers have many other applications. For example, engineering measures acceleration improves it, and even alerts end users of their tool’s usage. They can also help inventory managers and stakeholders track their equipment usage. And because they have a built-in battery, they can be purchased as singles for $30, 2-packs for $50, or a ten-pack for $180.

Warranty program

The Milwaukee Tools warranty program protects your tools for as long as you own them. You can claim your warranty via phone or mail by providing proof of purchase. Without this documentation, Milwaukee cannot honour your warranty. For your protection, copy your proof of purchase so you can present it when you contact them for service. If you have any questions about the warranty, you can also contact Milwaukee directly. To learn more, continue reading! 

The benefits of this warranty program are considerable.

To start with, Milwaukee offers a standard twelve-month warranty on its tools. However, if your Milwaukee tool breaks down within three years, you can apply for an extended warranty. You can apply for an extended warranty online within 30 days of purchase. The warranty is valid for both new and used Milwaukee tools. You can also use the Milwaukee service for small tool repairs. This convenient service does not require paying for shipping to a repair facility. Milwaukee offers toll repairs using genuine parts at their authorized service centres. For quality Milwaukee tools, check out at www.toolkitdepot.com.au/milwaukee-1 now.