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What Is EnviroTemp and What are Its Benefits?

EnviroTemp is a thermo-conductive, oil based and highly concentrated additive. It is injected directly into an air conditioning system’s compressor. It can be added to units regardless of its size or age, and whether it’s an inverter or non-inverter type.



Here are the perks of having an EnviroTemp treated system:




Heating and cooling systems treated with EnviroTemp will be able to conduct greater heat-transfer. The moment you turn your system on, it achieves the desired set point much more quickly and maintains it with greater ease. That’s like getting comfortable with the snap of your fingers.




Adding EnviroTemp into your system’s compressor will make your system operate 20-80 more efficient. You can tell how efficient your system is by how quickly it can reach the preset temperature for your home (ducted systems) or room (split systems).


The magic happens because an EnviroTemp-treated system will no longer have oil fouling and enables it to perform better, even in the extreme temperatures of summer and winter.


Reduction in Energy Consumption


Field tests that were conducted over the previous years indicated a 10% reduction, or better. Customers have reported saving as much as 30%.


A system treated with EnviroTemp can remove humidity; with more humidity eliminated from your home or room, a thermostat set at 24 degrees will feel colder. As such you can bump it up a degree or two to retain that same comfort level. The result is potentially saving you even more on energy costs.  A 1-degree adjustment can seemingly equate to about a 10% reduction in your bill.


Age (of Your System) Does Not Matter


EnviroTemp is suitable for systems of up to any age. As long as your system is functioning well, EnviroTemp can be added into a unit regardless of age!


Add to New Systems


New systems benefit when added as soon as possible as it will start working immediately. It prevents oil fouling and the adverse effects of it on your new unit’s efficiency, energy consumption as well as wear and tear.


Does not Void Your Warranty


Thanks to the recent changes within the Australian Consumer Law, it is illegal for a manufacturer, salesperson, technician and or tradesperson to state that using any third-party product will void the warranty. Anyone complained of doing so is deemed to be misleading the consumer can be imposed with a significant fine.


Reduces Wear and Tear, Extend the Life of the Unit


Oil fouling within a system causes the system to run harder and longer. Eliminating oil fouling means fewer breakdowns and longer life – good health for your system!


Once-Off Treatment


Once EnviroTemp is installed into a system, EnviroTemp will remain intact for the life of the unit, provided the seal is never broken. The only time this additive may ever be needing replenishment, is if a new, vital part is installed or you may have had to have refrigerant added.