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Three Reasons to Choose the Net Wrap for Bale Wrapping

Livestock farming is a high-risk, high-reward industry that relies heavily on the success of their fodder preservation. Achieving success in this process will ensure that your animals have all the food they need. That’s why you need an effective food preservation method as it faces various issues such as spoilage and producing low-quality fodder. The success of your fodder preservation relies heavily on the materials you use for storing hay. Fortunately, farmers like you have the luxury of using a net wrap and other baling methods for baling silage.


However, in this article, we’re going to focus solely on the net wraps and why it should be the only option you choose for bale wrapping. Listed below are three reasons why you should always select net wrap over any other baling material.


Maximum Durability


Net wraps are ideal for baling due to their extreme strength and durability. Made of premium-quality plastic materials, it can withstand even the harshest environments and exposure to different outdoor elements. By using net wraps, your bales will be stored to perfection, locking in freshness and all the other nutritious factors that will contribute towards its overall quality.


Additional Protection


There’s a good reason why most modern-day farmers are turning towards net wraps for their baling needs. Apart from its durability, a net wrap also protects your silage from external forces like heavy rain flow and extreme sunlight, which are two of the biggest enemies of bale wrapping. With the help of net wraps, these outdoor elements will not be able to penetrate through and damage your silage. Its protective features ensure that your silage will stay fresh throughout the entire storage process guaranteeing that you will have enough silage producing into premium-quality animal feed.


The Best Bale Wrapping Option


Simply put, there isn’t any other baling method that can equal the effectiveness of the net wrap. It will make your bales look better than any other method. So if you have an influx of fodder, you can use a net wrap to make well-rounded bales either for storage or selling directly to the market. That also means you can make serious money out of your bundle storing before it turns into fodder for feed.



The net wrap is currently the most popular and in-demand baling option available in the market. It’s practical, convenient, and can ensure better quality animal feed. If you’re using other methods, it’s time you make the switch to net wraps today and make your bale wrapping a much better and worth-it experience.