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A Short List of the Best Mirrors in Adelaide that You Can Add to Your Home

When it comes to the best mirrors in Adelaide, you have a lot of options to choose from. Mirrors are one of the most significant features of any house. So, if you’re planning to add one for your home, you need to know which among the different types of mirrors is the ideal one for your house. With that said, here are four of the best examples of mirrors that you can find in the market today.


Large Framed Angled Beveled Wall Mirror

This type of mirror features three substantial three-inch angled mirror sides that are sloped down to the sizeable bevelled rectangle wall mirror located in the centre. It’s commonly secured to a solid wood backing for added stability, as well as for preventing any warping or distortion. The wood backing includes ¼ inch hanging slimline hardware hooks for added security. You can hang it in both vertical and horizontal orientation.


Modern Silver Framed Wall Mirror

Considered as one of the best mirrors in Adelaide, the modern silver-framed wall mirror features a clean and contemporary design. The centre plate glass is floating with an eighth of an inch in air space. It’s also surrounded by ½ inch full by the two-inch-deep silver frame that’s secured to a solid wood backing. Just like the angled bevelled wall mirror, the wood backing serves to add stability, as well as prevent warping and distortion. The wood backing includes pre-installed hanging hooks.


Round One-Inch Beveled Wall Mirror

Whether you’re looking for a powder room or bathroom mirror, or something that you can place in your dining area or living room, the rounded circle bevelled glass mirror is the best option available. The bevelled mirror comes secured to a solid wood backing with hanging hardware hooks. A simple one-inch bevel surrounds the centre circle glass plat. The backing is offset 1/8 inch from the edge to give that clean, floating look.


Sandberg Furniture Wall Mirror

If you just want a beautiful rectangular mirror for creating a warm atmosphere, then the Sandberg furniture wall mirror is for you. This mirror is made with a large scale and elegant lines to go along with the soft bevelled glass. It’s a perfect addition to anywhere inside your house – bedrooms, living rooms, hallways; you name it. This mirror can be hung on an either horizontal or vertical orientation.



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