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Four Reasons Why You Should Only Get Stihl at an Official Stihl Shop Adelaide

You purchase your power equipment at just about any retail store. However, you can’t get an authentic Stihl anywhere. The question now is, ‘why?’ Why is that the case? Because original Stihl products are only sold exclusively through their official stores. Stihl is a long-running power tool manufacturing company that’s been producing the best products that anyone can buy. They also ensure quality customer servicing and support when it comes to their product. That’s why they decided to open their retail stores at major cities in the country to support the authenticity and reliability of their product and services. That’s why you should only purchase Stihl products at your local Stihl shop Adelaide.



With that said, here are four reasons why you should only purchase Stihl from an official Stihl retailer shop:


1.) Stihl Shops Are Equipment Specialists


Stihl dealers are dedicated to knowing your equipment and certified in that knowledge. You won’t find that at any other retail store out there. In some stores, the salesperson even has little to no knowledge about your equipment. That’s because they’re not specialists. At a Stihl shop, it’s an entirely different story.


2.) Stihl Dealers Offer Expert Advice in Choosing the Right Products


The people at a Stihl shop have a great selection of tools for occasional, light, and professional users. Stihl shops have a complete line of products ranging from chainsaws, timmers, to blowers, tool boxes, and more. What’s more, is that your Stihl dealer knows precisely what applications each product is suited. They can even help you choose the right Stihl product for your specific needs.


3.) Stihl Dealers Service What They Sell


Excellent Stihl service doesn’t stop at the purchase of a product. They also have a repairs and maintenance team that can visit your house anytime you want your tools and equipment to be checked and fixed. Any retail store doesn’t provide this convenience as they are only focused on getting money from you. Stihl wants to address this matter by providing the best services before and after purchase.


4.) A Stihl Shop Adelaide Can Provide Operating & Safety Demonstrations


At an official Stihl shop, the staff does more than talk the talk – they can also perform demonstrations as well. They can start up any Stihl tool in the store and walk you through its operation. If they discover that you’re new to using power tools and equipment, they’ll be even more informative. They will talk about every aspect of your desired Stihl product. That way, you’ll know exactly how to use the product you purchased