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Brass Door Handles from Lo&CoInteriors – What You Need To Know


Why brass door handles from Lo&CoInteriors? The excellent news about brass is its inherent warmth. While silver is stunning and helps produce clean lines, brass goes a little bit warmer with lots of character. As the buying public, many more people are beginning to favour softer and warmer shades of brass, usually burnished brass and slightly hammered brass. It does not have the same impact as nickel or aluminium, but it is certainly nicer than stainless steel. This type of finish can also help protect your property, helping to keep the handles looking new for longer. Buy the best brass door handles at https://www.loandcointeriors.com.au/shop/brass-door-handles.


In addition to the softer, natural tones of brass door handles, there is also a range of other polished finishes available. Polished brass looks excellent in homes where more traditional styles have been used, particularly in the drawing rooms. However, polished brass doors and handles can work very well in modern homes where quirky contemporary styles have been introduced. Examples include bubble, swirl and leaf-shaped designs and textured paint finishes. If you prefer antique styles, then you should consider bronze or steel. Bronze and steel both look fantastic in period properties, and both offer excellent modern styling.


Why bronze door handles? There are two main reasons why brass door handles from Lo&CoInteriors are ideal for bathroom and kitchen handles. Firstly, they look fantastic – polished brass looks fantastic in almost any environment. Second, they match up well with most home decors and are relatively easy to maintain.


Why brass door handles? Secondly, they are durable. A majority of fittings and hinges used in bathrooms and kitchens are made from brass or steel. These materials are solid, which means that they will last a long time, and you won’t have to replace them as often as you might with cheaper material. Steel is also great because it is non-corrosive and can be painted if you wish, whereas bronze door handles may not withstand paint for long periods.


When choosing bronze door handles, you also need to think about other aspects. These days, other metals have been used to make handles, including nickel, which can be a good choice if you want something with a modern edge. However, some people have allergies to nickel, so it is always best to ask your supplier before deciding. Another issue that you may have to deal with is the durability of the metal. Although stainless steel does outlast most other metals, it is also harder to maintain and rust if left outdoors. Brass is incredibly durable and will not suffer from corrosion, rust or scratches. Buy the best brass door handles at https://www.loandcointeriors.com.au/product/t-pull-brass/.


So, if you are looking for brass door handles from Lo&CoInteriors that you can use on your doors, but also for pewter set decor, you should opt for the latter. It is more affordable, has a modern feel and looks good in most home decors. In addition, it does not tarnish, does not scratch or discolour and is easy to maintain.