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Solar Power System Installation Guide

There are several benefits of a solar power system. The first benefit is that there is no need to pay electricity bills every month as solar power generates free electricity. Solar power can be used at home or at work to supplement your current electricity supply. Solar energy is clean and renewable, unlike most forms of energy emitted from human activity and result in pollution. Solar power can be used to supplement or replace your current electricity needs, even at home.

solar-adelaideSolar Photovoltaic (SPS) panels are usually fitted onto the roof to collect the sun’s rays. Solar energy has no moving parts other than the inverter that may come with a small fan. Solar panels in Solar Adelaide are quite different to wind turbine generators, fitted onto the roof but use the energy from the sun to give household electric power, much like a big, old-fashioned hot-air balloon. Wind turbines capture the wind energy, convert it to electricity and store it in an electric battery.

These two different types of solar power systems can be combined using DC to AC converters. A DC to AC converter is commonly used to power small home appliances. For larger solar PV systems like the common solar PV panel array, a separate set of converters must be installed at the building’s roof.

Many people living in areas that receive large amounts of sunlight consider roof-mounted solar power systems more suitable because they cover less area than standing ones. Most commonly used in sunny states like California, these panels can be seen on most rooftops in public buildings and even on the driveways of many cars. On many homes in this hot, dry south, the panels must face south for optimum solar exposure. These panels must also be protected from the wind, usually by plastic tarps stretched across the top. To prevent the panels from becoming overheated, they are often topped with black aluminium or plastic.

On even hot and humid days, the temperature can reach up to 100 degrees, so these panels must always be covered, no matter what the weather. Even on cloudy days, electric power can still be generated by a solar power system. The only thing standing between you and free electricity would be the large black, long-wearing cover. Most home electricity bills are lower when facing panels due to the reduced need for cooling fans and air conditioners.

This water heater solar power system installation guide in Solar Adelaide gives you a very good idea of how much the total system will pay back once paid for and if it will payback for many years to come. It is also worth knowing that a well-built system will pay you back for its initial purchase price and the continued operating costs. You will get this money back in energy savings on your bills.