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Features to Look for in Residential Doors

Doors are a significant aspect of the home that every owner should be concerned with. Theft isn’t a new crime to panic over, but it is something to be taken seriously. Doors are critical in ensuring your family’s safety, especially when you’re on a business trip and the kids have to stay at home with relatives.


If you’ve decided to have security doors installed, you have to look for the features mentioned below. The attributes below will help you determine what every reliable door should look like and how it should function.


Lockable Handle


The handle of security screen doors South Australia can be locked for added protection. Even if you have a door lock latch installed, the handle of your entries should still be lockable for double security. There’s nothing to lose if you lock doors twice. Instead, you will feel more comfortable leaving the house for a few days or so.


Sturdy Frame



Durability is a crucial factor that your doors should have. Many experts suggest steel or metal doors instead of wood. While some wood types can withstand heavy attacks, the former options are still sturdier.


The best security screen doors South Australia providers offer various designs that will blend well with your home’s overall aesthetics. If you think metal and steel frames reduce the aesthetic value of your door, you’re in for a surprise! Thanks to developments in the construction industry, there are new designs you can look into. There are also colour sets to choose from.




Security doors should feature a durable mesh screen, especially if you have children in the house. Older children can be taught to be careful of strangers and never open the screen door. The case is different for toddlers who are curious about people and everything they see. Mesh screen doors with sturdy lock systems will help ensure that young kids won’t allow strangers in.




Doors with security as the priority can be customized to further enhance the levels of protection that you expect. Discuss your idea with trusted providers to ensure that you will get the best out of this investment. It will cost you more, but nothing is sacrificial if you’re doing it for the safety of your family.




Adding grills to security doors can further strengthen your property’s security system. You can choose from a wide array of sizes and thickness. There are also designs that you can get inspiration from. Grills can buy time for escape in case there are potential theft attacks since these materials are hard to cut or destroy.


Remember, security comes before aesthetics. While beautiful designs can always be integrated into existing security doors, safety features should be in mind when discussing options with a contractor.