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Ideal Way to Choose and Purchase an Anemometer

The anemometer is a device built and designed for the measurement of the speed of air in the atmosphere. It is usually taken advantage as a part of a weather station. It is an instrument often made up of three uniform windmills in a horizontal orientation and coupled with a hemispherical cup. When you are planning to measure the speed of air, nothing is more accurate and reliable of all Davis instruments out there than the anemometer.


There even are modern handheld anemometers these days which you can choose should you want something with the ideal combination of advanced features and maximum convenience. The portability that handheld instruments offer means that you can take it wherever you are without the concern of carrying a bulky device or machine. The best anemometer will measure not only wind speed but also that of wind direction and chill. The handheld instrument is sophisticated enough to provide you with results on a small LCD screen without the need to calculate anything.



Before you begin shopping for Davis instruments, including that of an anemometer, it makes sense to at least learn the basics of the device you plan on getting. For this article, we focus on how an anemometer works.


There is a hemispherical cup attached to the three-armed windmill in the instrument that serves the purpose of capturing wind speed. The cups work by rotating, depending on the pressure exerted from the front and back sides. Once there is wind, the shaft will begin rotating. The manual method of computing wind speed is to count the time the cups will rotate within a specific time. However, the anemometer makes it a lot more convenient to do that.


For someone who is purchasing an anemometer for the first time, you must prioritise the following factors:


1 – Quality


Quality means getting something that will perform at the best level possible and last for years to come. Whenever you buy an instrument for measuring wind speed, you must keep in mind that opting for a low quality and cheap tool won’t do you any good. The reason is that while you can use the device for a handful of times, you cannot expect it to last, and you end up purchasing another one.


2 – Accuracy


Aside from quality, you also must be wary about the accuracy of your anemometer. The reason why you are getting one in the first place is that you want to get accurate information about the speed of the wind. You cannot choose something based on the design of the instrument or the fancy features it has. The best thing to do to figure out if it is accurate is to read reviews and obtain feedback from people who may use the same model previously.


3 – Price


Finally, do not base your purchasing decision merely on price. However, you also cannot opt for an overly priced anemometer, thinking that it is the best option. Do your research and make a comparison of your prospects based on the different factors, including the reasonable price.