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Some Uses for an Orthopedic Surgeon

When someone has pain in one or more areas of their body that affects their ability to function normally, they may want to consult with an orthopedic surgeon. Orthopedic surgeons specialize in the skeletal system – specifically the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other muscles that are vital to mobility and normal functioning. If a person’s bones do not function well, they could have severe limitations in their ability to walk, use the restroom, climb stairs, or get out of bed. The skeletal system also affects the patient’s overall health since it controls posture and balance.

Orthopedic Surgeon Adelaide by AHKCBecause this surgery affects so many different parts of the body, orthopedic surgeons perform many types of surgeries. They perform arthroscopic surgery, which removes a bone spade out of one joint to allow for movement in another joint. Orthopedic Surgeon Adelaide by AHKC also performs microsurgery, which deals with the minuscule details of the muscles, tendons and ligaments. The minimally invasive technique performs this type of surgery called arthroscopic microsurgical techniques.

If you are having problems with your knees, an orthopedic surgeon can help you treat them. One of the most common surgeries that they perform is known as arthroscopic knee surgery. This procedure can help reduce stress on the knee by removing small amounts of bone or tissue that affects the motion of the knee. They can also remove bone spurs in the knee, pockets of bone or tissue between the knee and a surrounding area. When a doctor performs this type of surgery, the doctor will take the instruments they need from your knee and work them into the affected areas.

Another common surgery an orthopedic surgeon in Orthopedic Surgeon Adelaide by AHKC might include surgery to correct problems with the pituitary gland. This gland produces a hormone known as human growth hormone (HGH), which can cause various conditions, including diabetes, infertility and osteoporosis. In some cases, when HGH overstimulates the pituitary gland, it can cause the patient to have swollen glands, which can look like enlarged breasts. A primary care physician will usually perform this surgery.

A well-trained orthopedic surgeon is also trained in many sports injuries. Some of these include tennis elbow, torn rotator cuff muscles, foot and ankle sprains, baseball and softball injuries, rugby injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. Many orthopedics specializes in treating athletes and those who play sports, such as football, rugby, soccer, hockey and golf. Orthopedics doctors can also treat patients after an accident or trauma who have been involved in fall injuries. It can include car accidents, bicycle accidents and other types of accidents.

Although orthopedics has many uses, it is mostly a medical specialty. Most orthopedic surgeons do not perform invasive surgical procedures. They rely more on treating symptoms and preventing further injury or pain. If you are suffering from one of the conditions mentioned, an experienced and qualified orthopedic surgeon is the best person for the job.