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How to Determine and Tell If Your Car Needs New Spark Plugs

Most car owners assume that when the engine has trouble starting, the problem is most likely the battery. The battery is indeed the first one you can think of, but it isn’t the only possible culprit. For instance, the reason why your car has trouble starting is because of the faulty or old set of spark plugs. You may not be familiar with the small components of your engine bay, but the spark plugs play a critical role. Therefore, it is essential to keep them in the best working condition possible.

Your job as a responsible car owner is to learn how to figure out if the vehicle needs a new set of spark plugs. If you are not confident about your ability to replace them yourself, you can conveniently visit a Volkswagen Service Adelaide to have a mechanic do it.

Anyway, let us move on to the signs telling you it is time to replace the spark plugs.

1 – The check engine light suddenly turns on your dashboard.

Even though it is not a severe engine issue, worn or damaged spark plugs may cause your check engine light to turn on. In fact, in modern cars, the check engine light will automatically turn on or flash when the spark plug fails. The reason why it happens is that when one spark plug does not work, the engine will misfire, causing the computer system to detect a problem. The idea is for you to replace the spark plugs during your car’s preventative maintenance schedule, and the failure to do so might lead to damage to your catalytic converter or the exhaust cleaner of the engine.

2 – You notice that the car is challenging to start.

The term “spark plug” means that those small engine components play the role of sparking the engine so that it gets running. But if the spark plugs are worn out or damaged, they no longer can create a spark to start the engine. So, if your car suddenly stalls when you turn on the ignition, it means there likely is a problem with the spark plugs. So, to solve the issue, you must seek the help of your Volkswagen Service Adelaide right before your car fails to start altogether.

3 – You’ve been having more frequent trips to the gas station.

Are you feeling like your car is seeping more fuel than usual? The reality that most car owners do not realise is that worn-out spark plugs are likely to increase the fuel consumption of a car since the engine no longer can efficiently burn the fuel it gets. Hence, fuel is wasted because of the inefficiency of the engine, which in turn results in more trips to the gas station.

4 – The engine idling is rough.

The last sign that you need to change your vehicle’s spark plugs is when the engine suddenly has a rough idling. You could hear and feel it inside the cabin. An engine that makes a knock-like sound, rattles or pinging is the one that desperately needs a mechanic to do a check-up to see if the spark plugs are no longer working.